Wednesday, July 28, 2010

K2C Juice (Kai-lan, Cauliflower, Cucumber)

Recipe ingredients:
•  100 gr Kai-lan (with the stem and leaves), chopped
•  200 g cauliflower, cut into pieces
•  200 g cucumber, diced
•  1 tbsp lemon juice / lime

How to juicing:
1.  Enter Kai-lan, cauliflower, and cucumber in a blender alternately.
2.  Process, and enter the juice into a glass.
3.  Bubuhi lemon juice / lime juice. Serve immediately.

1.  Helps reduce the risk of heart problems and stroke.
2.  Reduce the risk of gastric cancer, colon cancer (colon) and rectal cancer
3.  Reducing the risk of cataracts.
4.  Accelerate ulcer healing and improve digestive health.
5.  Lowering bad cholesterol or LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein).

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