Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bitter Melon Juice

Bitter melon/ Balsam Pear/ Bitter Gourd
Recipe ingredients:
•  1 Bitter melon seedless, chopped
•  Ice to taste
•  Honey to taste
•  Lemon to taste

How to Juicing:
1.  Enter biter melon pieces and ice cubes into blender.
2.  Stir until smooth and blended. When the ice cubes rather smooth, enter lemon juice and honey to suit your taste (to get around for the bitter taste of bitter melon covered with sweet honey and fresh lemon).

1.  Efficacy of bitter lemon is great for skin care if consumed.
2.  Especially for you who have acne, it would be better if you make and drink this concoction three times a week for maximum results.
3.  Bitter melon as a cure for diabetes (only for diabetics who are still in the stage of mild and healing is not dependent on insulin injections.) Typically, patients at this level still has a pancreas gland that can still produce the hormone insulin. Suspected substances that can lower blood sugar levels in this pare is a kind of glucoside, namely momordisin.

Calcium levels bitter melon is also quite high, so as to increase production of beta cells in the pancreas to produce insulin. When sufficient insulin in the body then it is likely that flooding glucose levels can be prevented, so that blood sugar levels became normal or controlled.

In some countries, mainly Japan, Korea and China, bitter melon is used for treatment. Young bitter melon is used as a diabetes medicine, digestive disorders, spirit drinks, stimulant laxatives and vomiting. Even the bitter melon has been extracted and packaged in capsules as a medicinal herb diabetes.

4. Bitter melon contains beta-carotene levels are two times more than broccoli. Bitter melon also contains beta-carotene are very good to eradicate cancer cells, inhibits heart attack and overcome the infection because the virus.

5. Other pare the efficacy of, the content of phytochemical compounds lutein and likopennya efficacious as anticancer, antibiotic, antiviral, stimulating production of insulin, which balances blood pressure and blood sugar levels, appetite stimulant and repellent intestinal worms.

Bitter melon is highly nutritious, but you should not be given to children and pregnant women. Because children are still vulnerable to bitter melon, it is feared the child sugar levels will drop.
While pregnant women are advised not to consume pare because this fruit contains compounds that can abort the womb.

Although bitter melon is very good for lowering blood sugar, but its use must be considered especially if you're a diabetes who use drugs to control your blood sugar levels. Do not forget to monitor your blood sugar levels if you decide to use bitter melon as an additional control blood sugar levels. If you're in treatment with sugar medication, should consult your doctor before you use with your medication because bitter melon can cause your blood sugar levels fall dramatically if the use is too excessive.

Happy juicing!!


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