Thursday, November 4, 2010

Orange Smiling Juice

Recipe ingredients:
•  200 ml orange juice
•  200 ml pineapple juice
•  100 ml lemon juice
•  50 ml of liquid sugar (syrup may be substituted)
•  100 ml soda water
•  ice cubes to taste

How to juicing:
1. Mix all ingredients using a blender until completely mixed flat
2. Pour into a container, add soda water and ice cubes.
3. Serve in glasses with sliced oranges to beautify.

1. Fighting infection.
2. Minimize the risk of stroke and heart attack.
3. Overcoming the flu and fever.
4. Preventing blood clots.
5. Cleaning the skin.
6. Launched the digestive tract.
7. Lowering cholesterol levels.

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