Sunday, November 14, 2010

Orange Apple Juice

Recipe ingredients:
•  1 apple, chopped
•  3 oranges
•  Granulated sugar if necessary

How to juicing:
1.  Insert the apple slices into the blender.
2.  Oranges halved and squeezed. Take the juice. Combine with the apples.
3.  Apple and lemon puree with blender.
4.  Pour into a glass.
5.  Ready to drink juice with ice cubes.

1.  The combination of salt, minerals, pectin and oksalik acid to help remove dirt sediment present in the colon.
2.  The content of pectin can lower cholesterol and triglycerides that interfere with heart function.
3.  Oranges are rich in vitamin C is beneficial to stimulate the immune system, eliminating the blockage of mucus in the throat, nasal cavity, lungs and stomach.
4.  Also useful for cleaning the liver and relieve pain in the body due to influenza.
5.  Lime juice and honey mix is efficacious cure sore throat and tonsils.

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