Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Longan Melon Juice

Longan Fruits
Recipe ingredients:
•  100 grams of melon, cut into pieces
•  100 gr Longan, diced
•  60 ounces green beans, cut into pieces
•  60 ml water
•  1 tablespoon honey
•  1 tbsp lemon/lime juice
•  3 pieces of ice cubes

How to juicing:
1. Enter a piece of melon, Longan, green beans, water, orange juice, and ice cubes into the blender jar.
2. Puree until smooth then strain.
3. Enter the juice directly into a glass and drink.

1. Longan contains sucrose, glucose, protein, fat, tartaric acid, vitamins A and B. As one source of energy, this very sweet fruit is useful to improve stamina after illness.
2. Longan is very good to meet energy needs for vulnerable pregnant women or after childbirth.
3. Eat this fruit regularly can add just enough appetite, prevent anemia and premature hair whitening.
4. Besides it would accelerate the healing of wounds.

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