Thursday, October 21, 2010

Soursop Guava Juice

Recipe ingredients:
•  200 gr soursop
•  1 piece of red guava
•  1 tablespoon vanilla syrup
•  10 pieces of mint leaves
•  500 ml ice water

How to juicing:
1.  Seeded soursop with a fork, reserving the meat. Cut guava.
2.  Enter the soursop, guava, vanilla syrup, mint leaves, and water ice into the blender bowl.
3.  Process until smooth and blended.

4.  Pour into serving glasses. Serve immediately.

1.  Treatment of gall stones
2.  Anti constipation
3.  Uric acid and increase your appetite
4.  Increase endurance
5.  Slowing the aging process (as a remedy for ageless)
6.  Treatment of stiff and sore hip
7.  Ability to counteract the hypertension and osteoporosis
8.  Cure hemorrhoids, and facilitate the digestion of food.
9.  Treating diarrhea in infants.
10.  Treat hemorrhoid.
11.  To eliminate the smoking habit.
12.  To reduce the heat in children and adults.

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